Everyone wants to have an enjoyable summer holiday, wherever you’re heading too. So you need to be sure you prepare yourself for handling the heat. Instead of hiding in your air-conditioned hotel room for a cool down, you can jump into an air-conditioned car hire in Spain from Drivalia and see as much of the country as you want. Follow these top tips for enjoying the holiday sunshine safely.

Stay Hydrated

This might seem like an obvious tip, but many tourists often spend their days drinking beer and cocktails in the sunshine. Often, without giving a bottle of water a second thought. Make sure you stay well hydrated in the sun as it is essential when the temperatures soar. Keep a cool bottle of water with you at all times. If you’ve got all-inclusive car hire in Mallorca, stock a few bottles in a cool bag in the boot, so you’ve always got some nearby.


One of the best ways to manage the heat is to time your day properly. The hottest time of day is going to be when the sun is directly above you, usually early to mid-afternoon. Take time out during these hottest hours to chill out and have a little siesta. You’ll avoid the times where the heat can be unbearable. What’s more, you’ll be refreshed and ready for an afternoon of adventuring sights and sounds of Spain.

Avoid Cold Showers

When you are very hot and sweaty, it can be tempting to jump into a cold shower to cool down quickly. This can actually be counter-productive as a chilly shower will close up your pores and only keep you cold for a very short period. Instead, have a lukewarm shower which will lower your core body temperature more effectively.

Bring An Umbrella

An umbrella might not be top of your packing list when you're jetting off somewhere hot like Spain. However, we don’t mean your standard rain umbrella. Choose a portable sunshade umbrella that can be easily attached to a sun lounger to give you instant shade whether you are at the beach or by the pool. If you’ve got a car hire with no hidden extras in Spain with Drivalia, then this summer you may be lucky as we are giving away beach umbrellas to customers but only whilst stocks last!

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