At Drivalia Car Rental we are advising our customers to reserve their Alicante car hire as soon as possible in order to take advantage of the lowest rates due to the expected shortage for the 2011 summer period.For more information please read this part of an article published recently in the Daily Mail:

“Holidaymakers may face a 30 per cent increase in car rental prices this summer because of supply shortages caused by the Japanese earthquake. Many plants in the beleaguered country have slowed or stopped production completely this month, leading to knock-on effects across Europe which could run into the peak holiday season. France, where most hire vehicles are Peugeots that rely heavily on parts made in Japan, is expected to be particularly hard hit. Spain, another popular destination for sun-seeking Britons, is also predicted to suffer shortages and price rises. The effect of unrest in North Africa and the Middle East – which is likely to increase demand for safer European holidays – will also have an impact on the cost of vehicle rental. The problem is likely to be exacerbated because hire companies who have ordered additional fleet may well only see a small proportion of vehicles being delivered in time for high season. It is uncertain when car factories will be back up to full speed but experts suggest the effects could be felt for some months to come.

The impact of the shortages will mean that availability will be even tighter than usual in key seasonal periods and destinations, said car hire giant Holiday Autos. After a difficult couple of years for the car hire industry, 2011 was set to be the year that prices finally came down and holidaymakers would enjoy better value for money. Stuart Nassos, managing director of Holiday Autos, said: ´There´s no doubt that the industry will feel the effects of the car manufacturing slowdown. To what extent prices will be impacted we don´t fully know yet, but we think it is very likely that they will rise.

´We also expect that the recent civil unrest in Northern Africa, including popular holiday hotspots like Egypt and Tunisia, will drive customers back to ´failsafe´ destinations such as Spain and France. ´As these destinations could be heavily impacted by car shortages, this is likely to affect car hire availability in popular locations and push up prices.

´Travellers to popular destinations across Europe including France and Spain this summer are strongly advised to book car hire as soon as possible to avoid being disappointed´.”