Spain is undoubtedly quieter at the moment than a normal summer but with so many measures in place to keep you safe, maybe summer 2020 is the perfect time for your holiday in the sun – here we explain why. Covid in Spain, as in the rest of the countries around it, has hit hard, but with the passage of time it seems to be winning the battle. Spain is the third country in the world with the most people vaccinated and the United States has recently removed it from the blacklist of countries.

¿Covid in Spain? The country is one of the safest around the world currently

Firstly,  ask anyone who has visited recently and they will tell you that Spain is taking safety very seriously and many say that they feel safer in Spain than in their home countries.  Of course, there have been some increases in levels of infection but these are isolated to a few areas and in the parts of Spain that most people visit (The Costas and the Islands) the cases of coronavirus have been remarkably low.

Spain is definitely open and looking forward to seeing you.  We all have a responsibility to stay safe and keep each other safe but that doesn´t have to mean a less enjoyable holiday.  As we learn more about Coronavirus we know that it spreads when there is close contact.  For this reason, we all wear our face masks and keep our hands clean.  The beauty of Spain at this time of year is the outdoor living – sipping a cold drink on a terrace, enjoying dining out “al fresco”.

Wherever you live in the world right now, it´s been a strange few months.  Lockdown, restrictions on your movements and activities and for most, added stress.  Tourism in Spain is understandably quieter this year and so there really has never been a better time to enjoy the sights and sounds without the crowds.

Restaurants and bars are open, but yes, mask is still mandatory

All restaurants and bars with terraces have put social distancing measures in place.  Tables are situated with adequate space between them, strict hygiene measures are in place and regular cleaning taking place between clients.  Furthermore, anyone walking around (entering and leaving etc) must wear their mask so once you are sat down you really are safe.  In some areas (Benidorm for example), the authorities have even sectioned off the beach into individual plots for you and your companions and you can pre-book your space.  People are commenting how great this is because in a normal year many beaches in Spain are so full that you can read the book of the person next to you – not this year – Spain is taking your safety very seriously.

Coronavirus is shown to spread when precautions are not taken but the Spanish authorities have been extremely fast to control people who do not take precautions.  It was widely reported a few weeks ago that there were a couple of areas in a resort populated by party-going tourists where they found people inside bars and discos who, after drinking a lot were not following the distancing or face mask rules.  The police were fast to take action against the owners of the venues and go as far as temporarily closing the streets but this was a very isolated event and a testimony to how serious the Spanish authorities take your health and safety.

Just respect the safety rules

If you are looking to be inside busy discos this summer until the early hours, drinking and partying as nothing happened without respecting the safety rules, then this year, Spain may not be for you.  But, if you are looking for a wonderful holiday where you can explore new things, relax and enjoy the wonderful summer climate and be responsible then arguable there has never been a better time to come to visit.

Hiring a car is also a perfect way to keep safe when you come to Spain.  Instead of relying on public transport, you can stay safe inside your vehicle with just your travelling companions.  Hiring a car means you can see and do so much more and really get the most from your holiday.  Remember too that in Drivalia we are taking your safety seriously.  We have reduced our fleet, ensured distancing measures and the strictest of hygiene measures in our offices and all of our cars are going through enhanced sanitisation and even ozone treatment to ensure that you can relax and feel safe.

If you are thinking of a holiday this summer, remember that our friendly team are on hand to answer any questions that you may have and to help you with your plans and of course your car hire.  Just get in touch to

We really look forward to seeing you soon!