Situated on the outskirts of Murcia and about an hour from Alicante airport you will find the small village of Mula which is famous for it's thermal baths and it's well worth a drive!

Once you arrive in Mula you will find various places offering thermal baths and for those of you who don't know, this is your opportunity to relax in water that is not only rich in goodness but also steaming hot (around 39 degrees) and heated not by a boiler but naturally by the lava of the volcanos deep beneath the ground.

Find a parking space and walk around the quaint little Spanish village and you will see several locations to try. We visited which offers baths of all shapes and sizes from individual rooms for couples through to family and group baths.  You can choose between still water or jacuzzi style hydromassage baths which we opted for.

We "checked in" and were taken to our room which was basically a small tiled room with a little area to change and the pool to walk down into.  As you enter the water you feel the heat but it's not uncomfortable heat its really nice heat, especially nice for the winter evenings!  The water is crystal clear and not contamibated by any chemicals… it's natural and just as it comes from deep within the ground (don't worry it's constantly flowing so I am told refreshed between every client!).

It is claimed that the water is good for a whole array of health problems from skin issues to muscle pains and even chest problems.  Fortunately as a pretty healthy chap I cannot say if it helps with those things (although I have heard many people say that it does) but I can say that as you sit down into the water and let yourself relax deeply there is an incredible sense of peace and tranquility and your body relaxes so much more than the average chlorine filled spas that you get in your average gym!

The price we paid was 25 euros which was for a private room for two people with jacuzzi facility.  The session lasts for an hour.  You can even find hotel rooms with a thermal bath in the room at some sites in Mula.  Naturally I am sure that the price varies depending on where you go but a simply google search will show you some of the places you can find to try this relaxing experience.

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If you try the thermal baths we hope you have a great time and please follow this blog to see past and future ideas for days out with your hire car from Alicante or Mallorca airports!