After more than 2 months of lockdown in Spain and around most of the world, it´s very clear that people are craving some sort of normality and over the last few weeks we have been working hard at Leasys to prepare for our reopening and keep you and our team safe.  Soon the time will come to say adios to the virus and we have put in place measures to keep Leasys a safe place for everyone.

One thing that is clear is that social distancing is important and this is why we are seeing a lot of people who perhaps would otherwise use public transport but have decided that this year, when we can take holidays, they would prefer to be in the safety of a car, away from other people.

So what have Leasys done to make your car hire safe?

Our paramount concern is the safety of our customers and staff which is why we have revised every step of our customer journey and are implementing strict cleaning regimes in our shuttle busses and offices as well as social distancing to keep customers and staff safe.  These measures will be constantly revised and in place as long as they are necessary.

Shuttle buses will be regularly sanitised and social distancing measures will be in place on our shuttle services to and from the airport. On arrival at the offices, customers will see that we are installing perspex screens at all reception desks so that both our customers and our staff are safe.  We will have alcohol hand gel available for all of our customers and kindly ask they everyone uses is before entering the office.

We will be carrying out regular deep cleaning inside the offices and of all “points of contact” where people need to touch things like door handles and so on and we will be operating social distancing measures to limit the number of people who can be inside the reception area at any given moment.

Most importantly, we are taking steps to ensure that your car with Leasys is a clean and safe place for you to be during your holidays.  We always have prided ourselves on the high levels of cleanliness of our cars but now we are really stepping this up.  Each car will be deeply cleaned and sanitised beyond the normal levels and we will be using appropriate products to ensure that every area of the car is hygienic and clean – especially areas of touch such as door handles, keys and so on.

Each vehicle will go through all of these extra steps in addition to the normal thorough cleaning both inside and out but furthermore, each vehicle will then be treated with an ozone product prior to being locked to ensure that the whole interior environment is a safe place to be. The car will then not be opened by anyone until the next client is ready to collect it.

It´s time to say adios to coronavirus and we are making sure that hiring a car from Leasys means you can relax in knowing that we are putting your health and safety first.  As restrictions reduce and travel is allowed, there is no reason not to enjoy this wonderful country this year and by working together to protect each other we can all play our part in helping say adios to Coronavirus!

Remember, that our Customer Care Team remain at your service so whatever query that you may have, just get in touch.  We can´t wait to see you soon!