We don´t often review places to eat or drink because everyone has their own taste but when one of our regular clients invited us to try the food in his restaurant we were blown away so thought we would share it with you.

Namaste Indian RestaurantRestaurant Namaste has been long established in the City of Alicante and due to their popularity they recently opened Namaste 2 in San Fulgencio which is also just a short drive from Alicante airport and has ample parking so it is ideal as a place to eat with your all inclusive car hire from Alicante airport.  We are never ones to turn down a chance to try some nice food and we were blown away by the quality.

Usually we talk on our blog about how we feel it´s important to try the local Spanish food in Spain but if you want something different and if you love Indian food then you should give this a try!

What stood out and made us feel justified in writing about this restaurant was the quality of the ingredients as well as the presentation.  The owner tells us that they only buy the best quality and freshest ingredients and prepare everything in house and this is certainly obvious when you look at the fantastic dishes being served and more so when you taste the food. We were treated to an array of brightly colored dishes with a taste that just blew us away.

Often with Indian food you order a curry and get a bowl of microwaved sauce and a handful of ingredients that are more chewy than bubble gum but this was clearly fresh and packed full of mouthwatering ingredients.  Then the sizzling platters brought out to the table were a spectacular sight and taste.

The service is attentive yet not pushy, the waiters knew when to check in on you and when to leave you alone and were always super fast in delivering drinks and extras ordered. If there is one thing that gets my goat, it´s waiting for 15 minutes for a drink refill but this was not the case at Namaste 2 which was the location that we tried.

Another massive bonus at Namaste 2 is that you can see the food being prepared.  The kitchen is on full display so you know how it is being prepared and you can see the standards of cleanliness as well as the level of attention to detail.

So, if you fancy something hot (or “suave”) then give this a go… be sure to try the coconut bread which was mouthwatering and leaves you wanting more!

You can find more information about both of the Namaste restaurants by visiting their website at https://restaurantenamasteindia.es/