A Day Trip To Pals: What To See And Do

Less than 50 minutes from Girona Airport, you can find the quaint and idyllic village of Pals, situated just off the Costa Brava. If you are exploring Girona and nearby areas, then it is well worth picking up a hire car from Drivalia at Girona Airport and heading to the rustic and charming village of Pals.

A guide to Pals

Nestled high on a hilltop, the village of Pals spread out from the fortress at the top of the hill. Its quiet and unassuming nature means that the village has retained much of its mediaeval look. A visit to Pals is tantamount to stepping back in time, if just for a few hours.

Despite only covering a small area, there is plenty to see and do in Pals. We recommend first parking up just outside of the village and then proceeding on foot to get your bearings. Wandering through the narrow, cobbled streets of Pals gives you a chance to look up at the beautiful architectural features, fabulous stone walls and enjoy the true authenticity of this historic place.

It is thanks to a doctor from Pals that the village has been so beautifully preserved. In fact, in 1973 Pals was declared a Site of Historical Interest.

Torre de las Horas

One of the notable features of Pals in Torre de las Horas which means Tower of the Hours. It is what remains of the castle of Pals which was destroyed in the Catalan civil wars in the 15th century. The tower itself was built between the 11th and 13th century and from the top of the tower, there is a beautiful viewpoint, known as mirador Josep Pla. The aspect offers a magnificent panorama which reaches views of Sierra de l'Albera and the Medes Islands.

Sant Pere Church

For even more history, the church of Sant Pere has been in place for over 1,000 years. It has a similar Gothic style to the tower, and the church even used some of the stone that came from the old castle.


After exploring the historic buildings in the village, it is time for a well-earned lunch. Fortunately, Pals has a range of cafes and restaurants full of gastronomic delights and boasting the finest Catalan fayre. Arròs de Pals a la Cassola is a speciality of the area and well worth trying in the main square of Pals, in Plaça Major.

In fact, after trying the delicious rice dish, you can explore the nearby rice fields. Pals has been producing rice for around 500 years, and they have perfected the process to a fine art.  There is even a 90-minute rice tour in Pals which is a great way to learn more about rice growing and see a tradition rice mill in action.

If you visit Pals in October, you may be lucky enough to see the rice harvest festival which includes a public meal which of course consists of the locally grown and harvested rice.

Visiting Pals

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